SEO Content appears the first in source code and on the very bottom of page. Its placement depends on Module.

1. Edit it in CMS "SEO Content" Content Area on normal CMS pages.

2. E-commerce categories have it in "SEO ("SEO Content")" section.

3. E-commerce Product is editable in "SEO Data (Content)" section.

There is default one that is in /styles/master1/c/ folder. If you want to replace it, just upload image with "caption-sub.jpg" name to the folder. Size should be 1920 x 320 pixels (6:1)

You can use Caption Image field in CMS to replace it on specific pages.

Or upload Category Image on category pages.

1. CMS - "Header" field

2. Ecommerce Category - category name

3. Ecommerce Product - product name

4. Blog list - blog name

5. Blog post - post name

6. News/Events item - news/events name


Blog and News/Events module also contain subtitle that is pushed automatically from modules

iracelikeagirl Endurance Community

Emmeline Watson
PR Performance3:04:31 Nationals 2017, Olympic,
Goal Race An IM in 2021
Bio: I'm a Brazilian living the American dream for the last almost 15 years.
Have two little girls and when I'm not working or training, my time is spent with them and my hubby.
The most interesting thing to me about triathlon, besides my love for the sport, is the people. Such amazing community.

Results & Upcoming Events

EventTimePlacement By Age Group Placement Overall Personal Record
Bluff Creek Tri
August 18, 2018
Walahoo Olympic Tri
July 14, 2018
Michelle’s Tri
June 23, 2018


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