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Instead of the usual FAQ answers trying to entice you to jump on board, we asked a few of our team members to give you their answers!   These are real, authentic, and direct quotes.  Our team is created by our team members. 

Q: What Exactly is IRACELIKEAGIRL?

This is a really fun group of strong, girls and women athletes of all abilities, ranging in age from 5-95, from experienced to novice and everywhere in between. We support each other in every way possible by being encouraging, helpful, compassionate, and listening to each other. 

IRLAG is a group of female athletes, led by pro triathlete Angela Naeth. These women train and race together, even while being miles apart. Whether someone is training for her first sprint tri or trying to get to Kona, the mission of IRLAG is the same: to support the often undervalued female athlete as she channels her inner bad ass, while juggling the complexities of life outside of sport.

I believe in the positive power of a tribe of women! Since I lost my sister to suicide in 2000, I have made it my life mission to empower, show love/compassion and support women of all ages, races and socioeconomic status! I believe IRACELIKEAGIRL encompasses all of that in the world of multisport!

It's so much more than a team, it's a community of strong and uplifting women. It's a place for me to share my successes and challenges, to get and give support, and to have a place as a woman/mom/triathlete to feel where I really belong. The coaches are constantly providing information, resources, and bringing in experts and speakers to help us stay healthy in body and mind, and to set us up to be the best we can as athletes and people.

Some people might think it’s just a team of ladies that like to swim, bike and run. Yes, they all like to tri. But it’s way more than that! IRLAG is an incredible community of amazing, supportive, awesome women that lift and push each other, and also cheer and care for you beyond the tri world.

Q: What do I get for Joining?

You get a family of friends across the world and a window into the struggle and successes that all of us face at one time or another. You get encouragement to be your best and you can safely share your worst. You get to learn about so many different things that will help you become a better athlete, whether it is nutrition, facing injury, how to recover and just being you. You have the opportunity to share in the IRACELIKEAGIRL triathlon training camp that will provide you with how to better your swim, bike, run. And you get to train with women of all abilities! You also get lots of swag!

All the things! Not just amazing swag and discounts, any team can offer that. IRLAG offers genuine support, true friendships, knowledge about anything from triathlon to the meaning of life (lol), access to amazing coaches and a super humble pro triathlete!

Aside from the amazing swag (which blows my mind every year) and the fantastic sponsor discounts and giveaways, there is so much that you get that's intangible. The friendships and connections I've formed with some of these women are hard to put into words, knowing that I have places to stay all of the country (and world!), that I have people to turn to when I am struggling in my training or life, and so many people to help me celebrate those big moments! We have so many resources from certified coaches to medical professionals to help answer questions and provide information and it feels like I have all the tools at my disposable to achieve so much as an athlete.

Q. Why should I Join?

Because this team has the best support, amazing monthly challenges, various informative clinics, and camps to keep you motivated throughout the year.

Triathlon (or training in general) can be a lonely sport, especially for women. There just aren't as many women out there who swim, bike, and run; or if they do, then it's an even smaller number who actually race, especially long course. With IRLAG, you can connect with others who share your goals and maybe even find your tribe at a race. Plus, aren't your friends sick of you talking about triathlon? IRLAG athletes NEVER get sick of talking about triathlon! :)

It is a decision you will not regret. Joining this team will make you a wholistically better athlete. You will learn about everything associated with training, racing and mentality. You will also gain a gaggle of gals who understand you more than most and grow a community that won't let you down!

If you are feeling like you are lost/lonely as an endurance athlete and not looking for a mega team where you are just a number, are looking for something geared towards women, and want a place where you can make genuine connections - this is the team for you! It doesn't matter where you live, what you are training for, your age, or your ability, this truly is an all-inclusive team!

The team is an inclusive place for all women-- no matter the distance or pace.

Q. What type of athletes make up the team?

Triathletes from sprint level to Ironman finishers, runners, walkers, and many more.

All kinds! From women who have never even raced to Kona qualifiers.

IRLAG is comprised of women from all over the world with all abilites!

We have women from every walk of life, from all over the US and Canada, international athletes. Those who are just starting out, those who have qualified at the highest level. What brings us all together is our drive and motivation, our willingness to support each other, and our love for sports.

Triathletes, runners, swimmers, cyclists and more. We are here to support whatever adventures.

Q. What are the challenges and team events?

Every month, Angela and her team of great thinkers offer challenges to help motivate you to do better and keep up your training. Challenges can include A 250-mile bike challenge over so many weeks, virtual runs and races and/or dig deeper into yourself to share experiences that will help you release some of your inhibitions.

Angela makes sure to keep us motivated. Challenges help make us the best athletic versions of ourselves. We have done 250 miles in 2 weeks, time trials on Zwift and competing against ourselves running. The team events allow us to get together as a team to continue to bond and stay informed. From Zoom calls to meet ups at races, Angela is open to all ideas to aid with growing and educating our community of amazing women.

The team events vary but often include pre race meetups to talk through the race, share our nerves, tips and tricks, and motivate each other. Often informally at bigger events you will have teammates cheering you on while you are racing! During the off season there are skill clinics and social gatherings, and the best of all - the team camp!!

The challenges range from physical challenges to push you outside your comfort zone and keep you motivated even when it's hard to train to mental and reflective challenges to help you stay positive and focused. I love that often there is a variety so even if you are injured or not racing for a bit you can always find a way to participate. It's also cool to me that the challenges don't just revolve around sports, but forming connections and bonds with our teammates. Some of my favorite challenges have been ones where we get to know other teammates and take time to get to know each other.

Every month there’s a new team challenge. Those challenges go beyond physical challenges, and they really challenge you to grow, not only as an athlete, but also you’re personal growth. The team events are a blast. We get a chance to connect with the team, to learn from the coaches and to have fun.

Q: I’m usually pretty private, does this matter?

No! Many people are private and do not share every month but as time goes on you may find that you are getting more comfortable and opening up to share more because this team is very supportive.

I've seen all different levels of engagement in this group. You will always be included and invited so you have the autonomy to pick and choose what you want to do!

Absolutely not! This team is all about what you make it and what you need from it. You can join and be a less active poster, though always reading through the posts and gaining information. You can choose just to do the physical challenges and skip the more personal ones - it's totally up to you and what you are comfortable with.

Nope! You can share as much or as little as you want. If you are willing to open up, you may find a lot of others who share your same goals, challenges and fears. If you prefer to lurk and learn by reading from others, that's fine too.

Q: What if I don’t like racing?

That's okay! The goal is to keep active and be around like minded people so we can all motivate and encourage each other.

You don't have to race. But perhaps joining the team may encourage you to race, if you so choose to race. All of us can help you get started.

You might catch the racing bug joining this team, but if you don't like racing, that does not matter! You can just love to train and be in a multisport community to get the most out of our team!

That's OK! As many of us have learned during recent times, there is so much more than racing involved. There are still plenty of challenges and ways to be involved and a supportive team member! If you are interested in being part of a team that is focused on positivity, empowerment, and support, if you believe in being healthy and promoting change, then this team is for you!

That’s totally ok. I’m not a huge fan of racing either. I enjoy the process of getting there way better. But IRLAG is way more than racing. Sometimes is about going to a race to cheer a friend.

I had a teammate once that drove several hours to support me on my first 70.3 and it made my day knowing she was there.

There are no requirements to race. We are a supportive group to help you achieve your goals, no matter what your end result is.

Q: How does it work?

Once you sign up you will be given all the details about how to join the FB page and log in the team page where it lists all the events we have coming up, the challenges, as well as the awesome sponsor discounts we receive and many more. You can also email or post a question on our FB page if you have any questions that you may not find.

You just sign up and you are added to the Facebook group and then let the fun begin!

Easy, go to IRLAG website and click to join!

Our group is primarily connected through Facebook, where we have a private team page. There you can post freely whether it's for gear recommendations, training help, or celebrating successes or overcoming challenges. You will see posts from Angela there, which also are emailed to us - these include upcoming events, challenges, winners, and other big news. It's all virtual so you connect and participate when and how it works for you.

At the team’s private page you can post any questions you might have and usually someone always have an answer for you. You can also just vent when having a bad day and nobody will judge, and will be there to support you.

In the member area, every month a new challenge is up, where you can see the specifics of the new challenge and last months winners.

Once you join, you get added to the FB group and emails. The team is active on FB, instagram and through messages with one another.

Q: How is this different from other teams?

This team has an amazing leader with tons of knowledge! When you join you will get free swag, a chance to win even more swag with the challenges, awesome sponsor discounts, clinics to keep you in top shape, and the support of so many like minded women.

I have been a member of 2 local tri teams. However, I could never really train with the team due to my work schedule and other obligations. With this team, I can get my workouts in when I can and share my experiences, if I choose, and not worry about other schedules. We have a website to find information and Angela sends out multiple e-mails to keep us informed. We can many make friends and meet up a races that wasn't really working for me with my other teams.

First, it's led by a pro triathlete who is also a coach, which is awesome. Second, it's all women, so no bluster or pomp and circumstance. And you can talk about periods and bras without having to be like "Sorry guys, this question is just for the ladies..."

You have access to a pro triathlete that is excited to share all her knowledge with others. Also, there are zero requirements from you other than to be positive and have fun! Plus, you are surrounded by like minded women who want to support and empower you.

For one, it's virtual so you can be anywhere and participate when it works for you. Because it's all women, it's got a different vibe - we are all about support and motivation, and there's not the same level of competition with your teammates - you really are competing with yourself! Our goal is to empower each other, and to create an environment focused on healthy minds and bodies - and sustainable changes and lifestyles.

This is not just a team. It is a community of incredible women.

This really is an inclusive group with no requirements. It doesn't matter what distance you or racing or what your pace is.

Q: I’m just a runner or just a cyclist, or just like to be active, can I join?

Of course!

Yes! You will still benefit from all the events, challenges and awesomeness that IRLAG has to offer!

Absolutely! We have women who do off road vs road triathlons, short distance vs long distance racing, running only (trail and road), even those who are focused more on cycling or swimming events. There really is a place for everyone on this team!

Q: Is there any coaching or training help?

Yes, Angela and Billy Sawyer are coaches and there are different levels and costs of coaching.

A TON! We have weekly zoom meeting calls to ask the coaches any questions we have. There are also coaching options through the team!

Yes - there is so much informal training help through weekly ask the coach posts and generally just through posts on the FB page. On a formal level, the coaches offer a variety of training plans and coaching opportunities for athletes on the team.

Our coaches answer questions in the forum all the time, providing support and advice. If you want one-on-one coaching, that is also available to be setup with them.

Q. What are some of the events and team activities you do?

Physical challenges, and signed up for my first camp next year!

In January, I attended the Training Camp in FL. It was a great experience and helped me come out of my shell a little bit. I am not a very open type person and I am not one to join in to groups...generally that is out of my comfort zone. I have signed up to attend Training Camp in 2021. We have meet ups at races which provides opportunities to meet team members.

My personal favorite is camp where we get together to train, learn and have an amazing time. We also have zoom calls for connection with one another and learn from each other. Angela created events with sponsors and other members of the triathlon community that allow us to learn about their products and other offerings to triathlon.

Pre race meetups, off season social events, skill clinics, and sponsor meetups depending on where you live. The "big" team event of the year is the team training camp in January. Having gone last year, I will say that it had such an impact on me that I signed up for 2021 as soon as I got home and registration was open. Not only was it a chance to go to FL and have some time away from my family - it was a chance to train, learn from the coaches, and bond with the team! The friendships and connections I made, chances to learn from our sponsors, the swag, technical support, it was all such an amazing experience.

I attended the last camps in Florida and it has been the highlight of both years. I also ride (mostly virtually now) with teammates and it’s a blast! The time trial where you have the chance to ride with Angela, the zoom fun meetings.

Q. What the best part of being part of IRACELIKEAGIRL?

A sense of belonging

This team is inclusive of all women - no matter their sport, their level, or where they are in life. I've found support from other moms dealing with the same struggles to balance training and life, and gained some amazing life long friends. The support and motivation I get from the team, whether it's a virtual race or challenge, or just needing help and making a post, is unmatched. The coaches provide us with so many opportunities to learn and grow, and are willing to help all of us be our best athletic selves. We also have amazing sponsors who provide us amazing gear, discounts, and giveaway prizes!

Supportiveness of the team. These women will support you and help you in anything you need! :)

That it a comunity meant for ALL Women , despite experience , age , etc.. this team welcomes you as if you are part of this family , even though (like in my case) you are far away or in another part of the always have the opportunity to connect with women all around the worl ...and Angela, who is always there for you .

Community. The unconditional love and support.

The support , The friendships, The like mindset, the feeling of other women HELPING other women

I love the camaraderie both online and on the race course. I also really get into the friendly competition of the physical challenges.

The camaraderie, support, and Angela’s interaction with the team.

The camaraderie and encouragement from fellow teammates is paramount. Professional triathletes are incredible, especially Angela, who makes herself available to the team, is incredibly supportive and truly passionate about the sport.

I love how there are so many different levels of ability and backgrounds on the team and the support that is given for any challenges/races or just life itself.

Q. I don’t consider myself a girl, I’m a women. So why race like a girl?

I may be the oldest or one of the oldest team members. At age 66 and many injuries under my belt, I still want to race like a girl...because that is what I am!

Cause girls are BAD ASS and I think when you race, you have to channel your younger self, before we looked in the mirror and saw "fat thighs" or wrinkles. Before we were afraid to speak out in class or beat someone in the 50 yard dash. Before we had to wear makeup and shave our legs. We need to channel that 8 year old girl, with skinned knees and crooked pigtails, who didn't care what she looked like in a swimsuit. Racing like a girl means you race confidently, boldly, and without fear. Racing like a girl means you are going to catch that MAN ahead of you and pass him without looking back. Racing like a girl means that you still want your tri kit to be ON POINT while you pass everyone else.

Racing like a girl brings us back to the mindset when the stresses of the world did not weigh on us. Racing as a girl allows us to stay in the moment, embrace every minute of training and racing. I also see it as breaking the glass ceiling in the world of multisport and showing the world that girls are an equal playing field.

To me, racing like a girl means that I can still have fun and not take myself too seriously. It also means giving that support and positive vibe that kids offer up naturally, to be kind and to care about others. I see a lot of this in my daughters, because they are young enough not to have been changed or influenced yet by the world around them. So I love using them as my role models to have fun, try new things, be brave, and be kind to everyone and bring those ideals to our team.

Sometimes as we grew older, we forget to have fun, like a little girl. Girls don’t worry about their body, and don’t let nothing limit their believes. Girls believe everything is possible and don’t let their gender get in the way. They are fearless, determined and always having fun!

Many of us have heard the phrase, you race like a girl. This is really to turn that around. We are strong, tough and bold.

Q: When can I join?

Anytime but the sooner the better to guarantee a spot!

You can join at any time, though there is a cap on the team. This isn't done to exclude people, but to keep the team at a smaller size where we can really be connected and form strong bonds.

Q: I'm part of another team. Does that matter?

Not at all! I'm part of 2 teams.  There is no requirements to be only part of one team. 

No. You can be part of any, and all teams. But you'll want to wear our race kit! It's the best! 

Thank you for contributing:
Brianna Wright
Karin Jessen
Amy Woods
Sara Davis
Mary Kay Jessen
Emmeline Watson
Jamie Robertson


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